5 Things You Should Check When Shopping for a Used Pontoon

You need to inspect several things closely when you are on the market for a used pontoon boat. This article discusses some of those important things that you should focus upon as you select a used pontoon boat to buy.

The Hull

Many types of hulls exist to suit the needs of different pontoon boat buyers. For instance, a buyer who wants a pontoon boat that is built for speed will buy a pontoon boat whose hull is different from the one of another buyer who wants to buy a pontoon boat for fishing. Select the pontoon boat hull-type that is suited to your needs.

Look out for any signs of cracking as you check the hull. Pay special attention to the stern and strakes during that inspection. This is because those components of the hull suffer the greatest amount of damage during a collision with another boat or object. Select a pontoon boat whose hull has never been patched.

Pontoon Logs

Make sure that the pontoon logs are straight in the way they are positioned on the boat. You should also make sure that those logs have the least visible damage, such as cracks, holes or dents. Such damage can be costly to repair.

The Engine Cowling

Remove the engine cowling and look at it closely. Do you see any white stripes or streaks near the head gasket? Any white streaks that you see may indicate that a liquid slowly seeped through the material where the streaks are located. A pontoon boat engine with such streaks may not be god to buy.

You should also check the service records of the pontoon boat so that you identify what kinds of repairs have been done to the engine. Buy a pontoon boat whose engine has needed the least number of repairs.

The Flooring

Don't buy a used pontoon boat if you see signs of mould growth on its floor. Such a pontoon boat will be very costly to repair in order to stop the moisture problems that allowed mould to grow in the first place.

Throttle Linkages

The throttle linkages should look clean and well maintained. They should be greased. The springs should snap back easily. The linkages should not have any signs of corrosion. Any defect that you notice should cause you to look for a pontoon boat in a better condition.

Ask a more experienced boater for help in case you are unable to identify or inspect any of the components discussed above. Only buy a given pontoon boat if you are satisfied that the components above are in a good condition.

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