How to Select the Best Sump Pump

People with basements that are prone to flooding need to install a sump pump to get rid of the water entering the basement. This article discusses some of the factors that you should consider as you select a sump pump for your home.

Buy a Submersible Pump

Sump pumps can be submersible or pedestal (mounted above the sump pit). A submersible sump pump would be a better choice for you for several reasons. First, it is less noisy because the water around the pump absorbs most of the noise generated. Secondly, you can prevent moist water from being released into your home by placing an airtight cover over the sump pit. The cover also prevents debris from accumulating inside the pit.

Pick One With a Metallic Core

Some people may prefer to buy a sump pump whose core is made from plastic because they don't want to be bothered by corrosion in metal cores. However, a sump pump with a metal core may be a better option because it may be more durable due to its ability to dissipate heat into the surrounding water. A core that isn't a good heat conductor can cause the pump to overheat and fail.

Opt for a Mechanical Switch

Sump pumps have different kinds of switches. For instance, some pumps have a pressure switch. This type of switch detects the water pressure within the sump pit and triggers the pump to start working once the water pressure reaches a preset limit. Other switches have a microprocessor that monitors the level of the water. Once it reaches a predetermined level, the switch triggers the pump to start working. Another type is the mechanical switch. This switch turns the pump on once water reaches a preset point within the sump pit. However, this type of switch doesn't have a microprocessor within it.

Mechanical switches are better because they are less prone to failures caused by electrical problems within their operating mechanisms.

Pay Attention to the Intake Design

Pick a sump pump whose intake side doesn't have a screen. Such a pump will have an impeller that cannot be overwhelmed by small solids within the sump pit. This is in contrast to a sump pump with a screen on its intake side. Such a pump will need frequent cleaning in order to remove any debris that has collected on that screen.

You will have fewer problems if you pick a sump pump that meets all the requirements above. Contact sump pump suppliers in case you have any unanswered question about the best sump pump for your home.