What to Look for When Shopping for a Commercial Pressure Washer

A pressure washer is a great piece of equipment to have at your warehouse or production facility, or even at an office building you own or manage. You can use the washer to quickly wash windows, spray down the concrete floors inside the warehouse or the walkways outside, wash tools and clean commercial vehicles of the heavy grime and dirt that often accumulate behind the wheel wells. When you are ready to shop for a pressure washer for your business, note a few features you might look for so you know you're getting a quality unit and are sure to find the right washer for your needs.

Steam combination

Using steam on tools, vehicles and other such items will help to loosen grime and dirt before you try to blast it away with the pressure washer itself. This can mean less abrasion on any surface and, in turn, less risk of damaging an item as you're trying to clean it. A steam combination can also be good if you're cleaning a soft surface, such as rubber mud guards behind those wheel wells or a stone walkway outside your building.

Forklift guides

A smaller pressure washer may come mounted on wheels or heavy-duty tires so you can easily move it around your facility, but a larger unit that offers the power you need for heavy cleaning will usually be heavy and cannot be rolled from one area to another. For these types of units, look for forklift guides. These will be slight cut-outs in the bottom of the power washer that are meant for the forks of a forklift. This feature on a washer allows it to be lifted and then easily transported around your building.

Vibration isolators

Cleaning an outdoor area around a commercial building or cleaning tools and vehicles may take quite a long time; being exposed to the vibrations from the power washer may then get downright painful. Vibration isolators help to control and insulate the wand or handle of the pressure washer so the user's hands and arms don't absorb so much vibration. In turn, this can mean better comfort for your workers and the ability to finish a job more easily. These vibration isolators can also mean less risk of financial liability, as excess vibration can mean damage to the wrists, elbow and muscles of the arms and shoulders, not to mention the possibility of a worker's compensation claim.

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