The Various Reasons Why Construction Companies Love to Use Ute Cranes

Talk about mobile crane operation, and ute cranes should immediately come to mind. 'Ute' is short for utility vehicle, and they are designed for rough terrains typical of the Australian landscape. It therefore follows that ute cranes are one of the most sought after types of cranes in Australia. But adaptation to the local terrains is not the only reason why many construction companies favour the use of ute cranes. There are so many other perks associated with operating these crane equipment at various construction sites.

If you are a new entrant in the construction industry, continue reading on so you can learn about a few other reasons as to why the use of ute cranes is so widespread.

Convenient transportation

When compared to the transportation of static cranes, such as self-erecting tower cranes, getting ute cranes to various construction locations wouldn't be as much hassle. These mobile cranes can be independently moved from one construction site to another, therefore it eliminates the need to use extra equipment for transportation. With ute cranes, you no longer have to cause major traffic snarl-ups because you are transporting heavy and/or wide loads, which is typically the case with most static crane types. Therefore, if you are looking forward to saving on both time and cost while you are transporting crane equipment to different job sites, ute cranes are the go-to types of cranes. No need for extra personnel to ensure error free loading, safe transport and proper unloading.

Easy to set up

With ute cranes, all the necessary assembly work can be carried out in a jiffy, hence less set up time is required compared to static versions of cranes. This allows construction contractors to get on with the job in record time. This, in turn, shortens the time it takes to complete a required job onsite. This is critical because time definitely costs money on the job site. A ready crane helps expedite the construction project and decreases the time other construction workers must wait before related jobs can be completed.

Space savings

Ute cranes do not generally take up a lot of space, thanks to their compact design. This makes them a perfect choice for construction sites that are space-restricted, especially in populated city locations. With its smaller footprint, a ute crane can handle just about any type of job that a static crane could do — only it will demand less working space. So ute cranes are not in any way less superior in terms of their capacity to handle various workloads.