Three Ways to Give the Gift of an Ethical Diamond Engagement Ring

There's a beautiful, classic romance to a diamond ring. As an engagement ring choice, the diamond is steeped in history and tradition—and they go with everything, which is perfect for a piece you intend to wear every day for the rest of your life. If you and your partner would like to combine the stunning, sparkling versatility of a gorgeous diamond engagement ring with your shared environmentally friendly and socially conscious values, don't worry: it's easier than you think! Here are three ways to find a perfect ring that you can feel good about for years to come.

#1: Conflict-Free Diamonds

Diamonds don't have to be the product of unethical practices or poor working conditions. Conflict-free diamonds are increasingly easy to find, and this gives you the chance to buy a real, sparkling gem of your own without concern. Look for retailers whose diamonds are certified conflict-free, and you can trust that they've been mined in good working conditions by appropriately compensated workers, for companies whose profits aren't being used to fund warfare or other shady practices.

#2: Lab-Grown Diamonds

A diamond is a specific arrangement of carbon atoms, and here in the 21st century, humanity doesn't have to rely on finding those that have been created by nature—it's possible to bring about such an atom formation in a laboratory. By choosing lab-grown diamonds you can be entirely certain that your engagement ring was created in a safe, legal, ethical way, without contributing to human suffering of any sort. Many customers ask if lab-grown diamonds are "real"—and the answer is a resounding yes! No test can tell the difference between a diamond grown in a lab and one formed under the earth; they're identical in every possible way. Lab diamonds are also usually less expensive than their mined counterparts, meaning you might find it easier to afford the engagement ring of your dreams if you look into companies using jewels of this type.

#3: Vintage or Antique Diamonds

You can also choose to share a piece of history with your partner as you start a new life together. Vintage and antique diamonds come with stories of their own; they're often part of beautifully designed classic jewellry and stand as sparkling symbols of loves past that lasted a lifetime. What more could you want to take with you into the next chapter of your own love story? A good jeweller can adjust your find to fit perfectly, and even renovate an aged setting for less expense than you might think—so don't limit yourself to only those vintage rings that are a perfect fit right away.

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