Four Materials That Will Help Recoup Some Money When Demolishing Your Office Blocks

The construction and demolition of a building, or part of it, mark the start and end of its life cycle, respectively. In case you want to demolish part of the building that houses your business, it is recommended that you contact commercial demolition agents. The cost of a demolition will depend on the amount of work to be done. However, the cost should not trouble you because it is possible to recoup some money from a few materials in the rubble of a demolished building. This article provides you with ideas on what you can salvage from a demolition exercise and save some money.

Concrete -- Concrete is widely used in the building and construction industry. For example, an average demolition is capable of yielding several tons of concrete. Since concrete from a demolished site can be ground to gravel, you can sell this byproduct. Gravel is another building material that is in high demand. Therefore, you can engage interested parties who will buy the concrete and crush it into gravel. If the building you want demolished is big, you can hire industrial crushers to do the crushing on site. Either way, you are guaranteed some money from the demolished rubble.

Door and Beams -- During a demolition exercise, it is good to ask the demolition company to be careful when they get close to a building's interior doors and beams. There are numerous architectural salvage companies that are interested in such materials. As such, ensure that any possible damage to the doors and beams is kept to a minimum so that you can get good prices on these materials.

Sinks and Toilets -- In most offices, sinks and toilet bowls are usually made of porcelain. Although these are fragile, you can do enough to ensure that they are not overly damaged during a demolition exercise. Salvage companies as well as individual homeowners might be interested in these materials. However, due to their fragility, it might be difficult to avoid damage on porcelain items entirely. If this happens, you can approach recycling companies and try to make a sale.

Steel -- Just like concrete, steel is a major part of a building's structure. In most cases, steel is bent into awkward positions during demolitions, which makes it difficult to sell to salvage companies. This can be attributed to the extra work that goes into straightening the steel rods once bought. That being said, recycling companies do not care about the shape of steel rods after demolitions. Therefore, make sure that you gather all steel pieces in the rubble and sell them to a recycling company in bulk for competitive rates.