5 Hydroponic Gardening Mistakes You Should Watch Out For

Hydroponic gardening is a more efficient and hygienic method of growing seeds or plants compared to soil-based growing. However, to ensure that your seeds grow effectively, you need to be careful enough with the gardening. Mistakes are common and they usually lead to poor performance of the seeds or plants. For this reason, avoid the following mistakes when conducting hydroponic gardening.

Using the Wrong Medium

Since hydroponics entail a soilless method of growing your seeds, the type of medium that you choose has a huge impact on the quality of your crops. Hydroponic gardening entails immersing the seeds or plants directly into a nutrient solution. For this reason, you need to avoid extremely lightweight media such as perlite. If you use lightweight media, the container in which you grow the seeds or plants might float and tip over. Therefore, always use heavier media such as coco coir or rockwool for your hydroponic systems.

Neglecting to Measure the pH Levels

Different plants have different requirements for pH levels. Therefore, you need to maintain the required pH balance for your plants to grow well. For this reason, get a pH tester and make sure that you check the pH levels at regular intervals depending on how quickly you've observed a change in the pH balance.

Growing On an Uneven/Unlevelled Surface

A growing surface that isn't level will hinder even distribution of the nutrient solution. This will result in nutrient deficiencies and possible death of the seeds or plants. In addition, if the growing surface is uneven, some of the roots of your plants may become over-saturated and find it hard to drain effectively. This will lead to lack of oxygen, which won't be so good for your germinating seeds.

Creating Toxic Conditions for Your Plants

Your hydroponic garden should be clean with adequate supply of organic nutrients, air, fertilisers and water. You don't want the garden to be polluted with chemicals. Therefore, be very keen on the type of fertilisers that you choose. Don't fall victim to any cheap and potentially harmful fertilisers.

Leaving the Nutrient Solution For Too Long

The nutrient solution that you use for your hydroponics should not be left to sit for too long. If you leave the solution for too long, it may create an anaerobic environment for the plants' root system. This means that the roots will be receiving inadequate levels of oxygen and this will affect the growth of the plant.